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30 Jan

This morning, The Squire received a phone call from the security company, saying that there was an “incident” at the church.  When he arrived, he found two doors open, and the klaxons and lights going full bore.

He was actually considering calling for police backup, when two men, both members of the church, ambled out and headed for their pickup truck. “Loud, innit?” asked one, nonchalantly.

They’d borrowed a dozen or so folding chairs from the church for a Christmas dinner at their home, and were finally getting around to returning them. In spite of the fact that they had called my husband to ask about borrowing the chairs, it never occurred to them to mention returning them. (I suppose that makes sense; they didn’t need permission to bring them back, after all.) According to them, they tried the back door, and the nursery door, and when neither of those opened, they went around and yanked – several times – on the double glass doors in the front of the church until they managed to pull them open. Then, in spite of the deafening noise and blinding lights, they went through and opened the nursery, so they could carry in the folding chairs.

My dad used to say, it isn’t that it takes all kinds. The problem is that we have all kinds.



Sing an old Song

2 Jan

If I don’t post before 7 PM, things show up as tomorrow, instead of today.

Off to a funeral this morning for the husband of an old friend. This was a case of death really being a blessing, with even the deceased asking the doctors to stop poking and prodding and let him go home to die.( A friend says I attend more funerals than anybody she knows, but she’s not as old as I am.) I am a vegetarian, so it was slim pickings at the reception. I don’t expect the world to revolve around me, but there’s usually a cheese tray, at the very least. How much protein is in a cannoli?

As long as I’m out, might as well make a day of it. Stopped to buy bird seed, and ran up to Eldest Daughter’s home to trade some stuff around. They have a burglar alarm, but haven’t used it in years, and I had no recollection of the code. Finally found Granddaughter’s phone number and called her at work to ask how to turn off the bloody alarm, with it wa-wa-wa-ing in my ear. Sure sounded good when it stopped, I’ll tell you that!  “Is this thing connected to the police?” “No, it’s just there to scare you. How’s it working?” Just fiiiine, thank you very much.

Returned some books to the library, and – of course – came out with more than I took in. At some point, I’m going to simply set up a cot in the back room and be done with it. Swung by my BFF to return a handicapped bathroom seat the Godson’s mother had borrowed, had a cheese sandwich and a cuppa, and we solved most of the world’s problems in the two hours I was there.

One more stop to drop off the vases at the florist for church, and then grabbed a cup of decadent coffee at Sheetz. Really, they have The Best coffee, and it’s only a dollar for a small one, if you have a card.

When I finally got home, I filled in The Squire on my day, and then couldn’t find the book I had brought out of the car. “I saw you with the coffee. Are you sure you didn’t drink the book?”

When I was a kid, there was a fairly popular song:

I walked up the door, and opened the stairs,
Said my pajamas and put on my prayers.
Turned off the bed, and climbed into the light.
And all because you kissed me Good Night.


They just don’t write songs like that any more, and it will be running through my head all night, now.