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Merry Christmas!

25 Dec

Tuesday afternoon, three of us from the Altar Guild met at church and tried to get things set up for the Christmas Eve services.  We replaced the dry greens around the Advent wreath, put fresh magnolia leaves in the window sills, got the crèche figures out and set them around the base of the font, so they could be handed to the kiddles to carry up to the altar at the early service. We put the poinsettias around the altar, but we knew they needed rearranging, as we couldn’t find the stands normally used to put them at different levels.

There were a number of things that simply didn’t get done. The head of the Altar Guild is very, very, ill and simply didn’t have the energy to do some of the stuff, and there are two new men in charge of the Property Committee (The Squire always did everything alone) and they have rearranged things to a fare-thee-well, without consulting the ladies, so we couldn’t find half the stuff we needed. You’d think any man would have enough sense to keep his hands off things that concern women, but apparently not.

The church has an outdoor Christmas tree of sorts – strings of lights going from the ground to the top of the flag pole – and it wasn’t lit when we got there at 10 PM. The new Property Warden said the timer had been on for six hours, and that seemed to be the end of it as far as he was concerned. The original set-up went on and off by the ambient light, but apparently that is no longer being used.  The new man, poor soul, had also used a ladder to attach the strings of lights to the ring at the top of the flagpole, instead of dropping it down and working from the ground, so we only had six strings instead of sixteen.

Ah, well. I have no room to talk. I was the crucifer cum LEM at the late service and totally forgot to light any of the candles  – not the candelabra behind the altar, not the sconces, and not even the candles ON the altar. For some wondrous reason, I kept tripping over my alb. It’s the same one I’ve worn for years, and the same style shoes I’ve always worn. Beats me. I just seemed to be a half-beat off all night.

The Squire and I slept in this morning until an outrageous hour, and then simply started fixing Christmas dinner, rather that eating breakfast. Afterward, we exchanged our gifts. (see “Try to Act Surprised”, parts 1 and 2) The Squire settled into the recliner with the first book of the Safehold series, Off Armageddon Reef, and I promised not to disturb him until 5:00, as we are leaving at 6, to go up to Eldest Daughter’s for a late supper. I figure if I play my cards right, he’ll be finished in time for me to take the book to work on Monday.

Not as dumb as I look.

Try to Act Surprised, Part Two

3 Nov

I mentioned in late October that The Squire and I had just finished the latest book in David Weber’s Safehold series. Since the first book was published in 2007, I thought I’d go to the library and start over from the beginning, reading the series from start to finish without a one year break between them.

The library no longer carries the actual books. Everything is audio, now. Well, rats.

So, I went off to Abebooks and ordered the first four in the series. Off Armageddon Reef, By Schisms Rent Asunder, By Heresies Distressed, and A Mighty Fortress. They arrived yesterday. Heresies is the shortest book, with 618 pages, and Fortress is the longest, just shy of 1,100 pages.

These will be his Christmas gift, if I can keep them out of his hands until then. He probably won’t come up for air until mid-March.

Try to act surprised.

Try to Act Surprised!

30 Oct

For quite a while, The Squire and I have pretty much ceased giving each other gifts for Christmas or birthdays.  As I often said of my dad, there’s a limit to the bottles of wine and pairs of socks you can give a man who doesn’t smoke or wear neckties, and The Squire doesn’t drink.  I have all the jewellery I could ever wear (I’ve even begun “downloading” stuff), and it would be hard to find a vegetarian cookbook I don’t already own.

However, a few years ago The Squire gave me a pair of bedroom slippers that are just the best I’ve ever owned. They much resemble an Ugg boot, with an ivory knitted cable stitch top and a drawstring to tie them securely at the ankle. They are fleece-lined and have a sturdy sole. I have worn them to the point that both toes are well-mended with duck tape.

About a week ago, we got another holiday gift catalogue to add to the already tottering pile on top of the stereo, and they had MY slippers.  I folded back the page, circled the slippers, and laid the magazine on The Squire’s keyboard.  He was as pleased as I was, and dutifully ordered them for me.

As he tapped the last key, he reminded me that I was to act surprised on Christmas Day. “Oh! Wonderful! How did you know this was just what I wanted?”