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Which Way Did They Go?

7 Feb

Quite a while ago, I posted that I had lost a very nice pillowcase, which we finally found on a pillow The Squire stuffed into the sham. That makes a certain amount of sense – I guess.


We had some friends over for dinner a week ago and I couldn’t find my table napkins. I have a set of a dozen hand embroidered linen napkins which I bought for a pittance when a local store closed. When not “on duty” they spend their time in the bottom of the corner cupboard, along with the tablecloths. I have a couple of ratty looking napkins we use for every day, and there’s not a paper napkin in the house – not even those crappy things you stuff in your pocket when you hit the local fast food palace.

How, how, how can they have disappeared? It’s not as if I had scooped them up from the table in a fit of panic cleaning; they seldom see the light of day.  I had to send The Squire down to Bed, Bath and Beyond to blow $10 on a package of four new serviettes. Using the good china, the sterling, and then handing folks a paper towel just won’t do it.

Beats me.

Kids and Napkins

5 Oct


Many, many moons ago, when Eldest Daughter was in the first grade, the Late and Unlamented took us all to dinner at a local restaurant.

Shortly after we were seated, Eldest Daughter left the table to go to the rest room, and came back to tell me, quite loudly, that if I didn’t like the paper napkins on the table, “They have cloth ones for sale in the ladies room for a nickel”.

Ah, the joys of motherhood.

And thanks to Norm Feuti for jogging my memory!