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Little Children, Come Out and Play. . .

21 Jan

. . .The moon is shining bright as day.

Last night was the Super Blood Wolf Lunar Eclipse – or whatever – and I desperately wanted to see it. The next one won’t be until 2037, and I seriously doubt either of us will be around then. It started at 10:30 PM and ended around midnight. It was bitterly cold – 11° – and blowing a gale so the wind chill was 5 below (-20 C). Even on a good day, standing around outside in those temps would not be wise, but I have a dreadful sore throat. The Squire wouldn’t have allowed me to go out, and I’m smart enough to not have seriously considered it.

Fortunately, we could watch the entire business from one of the upstairs windows. It really was spectacular and well worth staying up for. Show over, we pulled the shades and fell into bed. I woke up a little after 2 AM with so much light coming around the shade that I thought I’d slept until midday.  The moon really was shining, bright as day.

I’m sitting in the den, watching the birds at the feeders. Because there is a spring close to the house, our sidewalks are frequently wet and/or icy. One cardinal flies up the feeder, grabs a seed, and then lands on the walk to eat. The walk is a sheet of ice, and her little feet go out from under her. She’s done it three times, so far.

Bird brain!

Another Morning Visitor

1 Jan

We have another fox visiting us in the morning. It isn’t Julie (see May 3, 2015) but she must have “spoken” to Julie, as she knows all the tricks. Maybe she’s one of Julie’s kits.

She comes out very early, and sits in the back, about halfway between the barn and the food dish, staring at the house. If we’re in the kitchen we’ll see her and go out with her breakfast. If we don’t connect then, she comes down to the little garden outside the den window, and will watch us from there. Again, as soon as we notice her, we go out with the dog food, and she bolts away.

It was brutally cold this morning; the temp was 6°, with a wind chill of -2° – and I had come back in to warm my “widdle finners” after I’d filled the birdfeeders. I was sitting here in front of the computer, with my hands wrapped around a hot cuppa, when she sat down, made herself comfortable, and stared at me.

Mind you, the wildlife around here is just as spoiled as it can be. One summer evening we had gone out, and had not fed the foxes before we left. When we pulled into the carport, our headlights picked up a kit sitting on the other side of the stream. As soon as I got out of the car, he started yipping at me. I grabbed the bucket and started out to the barn, with Junior trotting along on the other side, barking at me the entire way.  As soon as I’d poured out the kibble, he dashed across and started to eat without waiting for me to get out of sight.

I can’t imagine living anyplace else in the world.

Winter has arrived!

19 Jan

Well, we’ve gotten off easy so far, but Mother Nature is catching up with us.

It snowed on Sunday, but the ground was too warm for it to amount to anything. However. It was 18-F when I got up yesterday, and the wind blew hard all day. Last night when we went to bed the temp was 5F, with a wind chill well below zero. The furnace has been chugging along, but the dining room never got above 65, and when I got up this morning it was 61 in there, and 58 in the kitchen. It was so cold the butter wouldn’t spread!  It was 12F outside, with a wind chill of 4 below zero. It did get up to a tropical 29 degrees around 2:30. Whoop.

It is supposed to snow both Friday and Saturday, but Sunday is supposed to warm up to 37, so maybe it will melt a bit. Just be sure to get home before dark, coz it will freeze over again.

For some reason, our bedroom is the warmest room in the house, and The Squire is a walking blast furnace, so I had to get up in the middle of the night and open the window an inch or two.



15 Feb

First time for everything.

Fr. M decided to cancel church services this morning. At 10:30 (right now) it has warmed up at bit; the temperature is 8F, with a wind chill of -14.  Last night when we went to bed, the wind chill was -27.  Our car won’t start, and the kitchen pipes are frozen. (We will NOT go into the numerous times I have suggested to The Squire that we wrap them with heat tape.) Fortunately, we still have running water in the bathroom, so we’ll manage.

Everything is sealed as tightly as possible, with a blanket over the kitchen door, and the dining room drapes shut and then pulled up and tucked into the window sill. That window is already triple-glazed, but you can still feel the cold reaching through the glass.  The thermostat is set on 70, but the dining room is only 61 degrees. We are ensconced in the den, with an electric heater running.

Last night, we turned the heat down to 63 when we went to bed, but because the furnace was chugging along trying to keep up, our bedroom got so hot I had to open the window!

And We Had Snow

22 Jan

It started snowing about 9 AM yesterday and kept it up until about 9:30 last night. We got about eight inches here. Brutally cold, but the birds were out in force; I filled the feeder outside the den window three times – and nine pounds of seed. We had “good” birds; juncos, titmice, four or five kinds of sparrows, red wing blackbirds, mourning doves, chickadees – and a towhee, which we had never seen before. Maryland is just on the northern limit of their year-round home. Today, all we have are “junk” birds – starlings and grackles. I know they are God’s creatures and need to eat, too, but so much squabbling and yelling, pushing each other out of the way. You’d think they were humans.

No sign of the squirrels, either yesterday or today, so I suppose they’ll be out in force tomorrow. I didn’t bother to go out to feed the foxes last night; I figured they’d stay denned up, but when I went out just now (2:30) to empty the compost I took their food out with me, and found where they’d been “schnoveling” in circles last night, looking for their dish.

The Squire met two other fellows over at church this morning and cleared the sidewalks, and another member came down and plowed the parking lot.

We had a nice surprise when a neighbor of ours showed up a little before noon on his tractor and did our drive! What a blessing that was. I’ll climb the hill tomorrow morning and take them some fresh bread.