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This Old House

27 Apr

I read an article a day or so back, listing things that made a house seem dated. Paneling, wallpaper, brass chandeliers, pull shades, and drapes with tie backs.

Well, there you go, folks.  When we moved in, every single room on the ground floor was paneled. I felt as if I was living in a coffin! Not only that, but the paneling in the bathroom splintered when it got wet! Who thought that was a good idea? We did get that covered over – with wallpaper – about ten years after we moved in, but it took me for-bloody-ever to convince The Squire we needed to Do Something with the living room. Even at that, I had to agree to leave the fireplace wall uncovered, although the dear man did finally admit we should have done it years ago.  The chandeliers in the dining room are brass, and it is both wainscoted and papered. We have pull shades in the bedrooms; light and airy doesn’t cut it if you want to sleep past 4 AM around here.  As a matter of fact, we also have pull shades in the living room, but they are all the way up out of sight. We only use them when we have company spend the night.

The problem is that my taste in decorating pretty much begins and ends with Federal style furniture. Williamsburg is my ideal. The guest room, which we redid in the spring of 2016, is more-or-less “country” style but other than the kitchen, that’s the most modern room in the house. I do draw the line at cooking with a wood stove.

So – it’s dated.  Nothing in the house is orange or avocado, we don’t have any shag rugs, and I don’t have a slew of magnets on the fridge.

Deal with it.