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23 Jun

We sang Jesus, Lover of my Soul in church this morning and it moved me to tears, just as it always does.

In October of 1966, a mining tip – a dump for material brought out of coal mines – collapsed and poured down a valley in Aberfan, Wales. It completely buried the town school, killing 116 children and five teachers.

Nearly every child in the village was gone in minutes.

The children were buried in two long mass graves. During the ceremony, a young father, his face crushed into a mask of grief, stepped forward and dropped a teddy bear on top of his child’s coffin.

The choir sang the hymn above and to this day I weep when I hear it.


Here We Go Again

12 Jan

I just received a frantic call from Eldest Daughter (at 4 PM EST) that she, Austin’s mum, and Austin were headed back to Philadelphia.  We’re talking at least a two hour trip, probably more in rush hour traffic, so – although she didn’t give me any details – we can assume we have one sick little man on our hands.

Not to make light of Austin’s problems, but there was a house fire in Baltimore today which killed nine children, from 8 months to 11 years old, and left the mother and two other children in critical condition. The house is in such dangerous condition because of fire damage that firefighters are having to search for the bodies by hand.

Lots and lots of prayers needed in our neck of the woods.