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9 Feb

Somewhere between getting lunch at the Amish market yesterday, and finishing up the Altar Guild Stuff this morning, I lost my purse.  This is the first time in my life I have done such a thing, and please, Lord, let it be the last! Talk about a hassle! At least, I didn’t lose my keys; when I was between husbands I dated a police officer who told me to never, ever put my keys in my pocketbook.  “If they have your wallet, they have your address, and if they have your keys, they can just walk right in.”

I had arranged to meet a friend in Bel Air to pick up a bunch of knitting yarn for the Prayer Shawl Ministry at church, and my purse was nowhere to be found. The Squire called my cell phone (Yes, dear, it is fully charged.) to see if we could locate it by the sound. No luck. We looked in my car, all over the bedroom, the sewing room, and I even poked my head into the spare room, aka the Chamber of Horrors. We whistled and shouted, and mumbled under our breath.

So, the first thing to do was cancel the VISA cards. I sat on the phone listening to Bank of America’s phone lady natter on for about ten minutes, punching numbers and cursing. Lawsy, but I  dislike those telephone systems! I did have to go to DMV to get a new license, and we swung into Target to buy a new wallet and cell phone.  At least with my prepaid phone I’m not going to get stuck with a huge bill if somebody decides to call Perth or Shanghai. I got to have fun all over again dealing with TracFone’s telephone system to get the new one set up. Press 1 for this, press 2 for that. And THEN, we discovered the activation code wasn’t scanned properly when we checked out, and we have to drive back to Bel Air to have it rescanned.

Tomorrow, not tonight.

Next up it to get a new pocketbook. I hate changing purses, trying to figure out where to put all the things that had specific locations in the old handbag.

Oh, and I lost my only pair of driving glasses.

Maybe I’ll be fit company tomorrow.  I mean, there’s no place to go but up.  Dear Lord, I hope so!