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My Mama Done Tol’ Me…

27 Feb

…there would be days like this.

I started my day, as usual, by filling the bird feeders. We were out of peanuts, so I tried to open a bag without going after the scissors, and the bloody thing exploded all over the front porch. I’ll be finding peanuts behind the mini-blinds for months, I suppose. That’s what I get for being lazy.

Before I left to do the wash, I started a batch of fruit and nut bread and accidentally used rye flour instead of whole wheat. Not too bad; edible, but not what I’d recommend.

I stopped on the way to the Laundromat for a cup of coffee, which I promptly spilled all over the counter and the floor. My card wouldn’t scan, so the clerk had to call the manager. It has been cold and windy – actual temp of 37, but a wind chill of 27 – and when I got to the laundry, I found that my basket had fallen over in the back seat, and some of the contents fell out when I opened the door. Clothing went skidding across the parking lot, and I spent five minutes (well, maybe two) chasing down The Squire’s underwear. Because we had to empty the corner cupboard to move it, half of the table is covered with the stuff I pulled out of there, which meant that when I took the clothing out of the dryer, there was no place to put it while we folded it. The Squire took the kiDSCN0083tchen linens and bath towels and I schlepped the rest upstairs and folded it on our bed, which at least made putting it away more convenient.

A structural engineer came by this afternoon to take a look at the outside wall and the bow window. The Squire and I explained that the house is not salable and at our age, we honestly don’t want to put a small fortune into the place. He suggested several stopgap measures, but the window will need to be completely removed and that section of wall rebuilt. Obviously, that can’t be done until warm weather, so we have to look at this until, oh, mid-April or so. It’s far too late to try to blame this on the hurricane in 1999, so we’ll have to pay for it out of pocket.

We did get one coat of paint on the ceiling this afternoon, so there’s progress of a sort. Maybe we can get the second coat on tomorrow afternoon.