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No Joke

28 Mar

You’ve all heard the joke about a group of Senior Citizens sitting around, drinking coffee. One says “my hands shake so badly I can barely lift my cup without spilling it”. Another remarks that since his last stroke he has trouble moving his feet, and the third says his eyesight is getting so bad he can hardly see across the room.

“Well”, sighs the first person, “at least we can all still drive.”

It’s no joke.

Kelly sent me out on a job this morning, and I overslept. I raced around the house, throwing on whatever clothing I could find, and stuck my contact lenses in my pocket, instead of taking the time to put them in my eyes where they belong.  When you approach a traffic signal and see three lights, two side by side and a third above the other two, there is a serious problem. Just how far above the two lower lights the third one appeared to be depended upon how far back I was. If I was the first or second car in line, there was only one light, but the farther I was from the signal, the greater the distance between the three lights.

I really, really, really need to get a pair of plain old glasses, just for driving.

And that’s the truth.