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Verrry Mysterious

25 Nov

Several nights ago, Blazer became extremely agitated when we he went out with me to feed the “critters”, running back and forth, nose down, snuffling, and muttering under his breath for all he was worth. The next night was when he managed to pull the run out of the tree.

This evening, when I took out the fox food, I couldn’t find the dish. I asked The Squire about it, and he said he couldn’t find it last night, and wondered if I had moved it for some reason.

Now, said food dish is about the size of a dinner plate, and slightly over two inches deep. It is stainless steel, with a non-skid rubber bottom, and it weighed a lot. (I must have thought Blazer was a Great Dane when I purchased it.) Whatever carried it away was not a fox. Back in May (see May 3) we had a mama fox come down to the house in the morning, and she was considerably smaller than the dog. If Blazer couldn’t move that dish, if certainly wasn’t a fox that dragged it off, and I really doubt a raccoon could have moved it either.

Eldest Daughter has a motion activated game camera, and we may borrow it from her, just to see what on Earth is back there.

Oh. You nearly lost your faithful correspondent this evening. While I was looking around for the dish, I went to peer over the end of the stream bank, caught my foot on a branch under the leaves, and sprawled face down, landing far, far too close to the edge of the bank for comfort. I’ll take a picture in the morning and post it here. Too dark now.