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18 Jul

If you have ever visited our home, it’s hard to believe I am OCD about anything. (Except for me, it would CDO, in proper alphabetical order. The girls claim it’s a wonder I didn’t name them alphabetically.)

However, it drives me nuts when the hymnals and prayer books are not lined up properly in the pew racks. The taller hymnals in the center, and the shorter Book of Common Prayer on either side, nicely snugged together. Viewed from the door of the church, it gives the impression that we take pride in the way things look, and most people in the congregation are really good about making sure their books are in place when they leave. If not, the ushers will tidy up after services, pushing books together and collecting stray bulletins.  One of our former rectors once said that his idea of Hell for me would be to have a rack of books, just beyond my reach – and he’s probably right.

Friday, we went to a memorial service for our youngest daughter’s mother-in-law.

That parish uses two different hymnals, so there were three books in the rack, all just shoved in higgledy-piggelty.  The moment we walked into the sanctuary, The Squire grabbed my elbow, and whispered fiercely, “Don’t touch the books!”

I did straighten out the ones in front of us, but for the most part, I sat there and twitched during the entire service.

It’s a dire fate to have a fetish, let me tell you!