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Speaking in Tongues

9 May

Way back when we only had eight grandchildren, I made each of the kids a sign with their name on it for Christmas. But I had written it in English in the center, and then surrounded the English with as many other alphabets as I could manage. I sounded out the names in Cherokee, our exchange student wrote them in Arabic, and our church organist has her students’ parents write the names in Korean, Chinese, Hindi, and Japanese.  There was one other, but I forget what it was.

Now we have nine grandchildren, several great-grandkids, and both of my nephews also have children, plus some close friends are about to become grandparents, so I decided it was time to get moving on another set of plaques.

I made up the English, and did the Cherokee, and the druggist had agreed to write out the names in Arabic for me. I dropped off the signs on Wednesday, and he suggested I come back for them today, as he would not be in on Thursday, but the druggist on duty that day is Jewish, and he would ask Mike to do them in Hebrew.

When I went to get them today, the druggist was very upset to admit he’d left them on his desk when he went home Wednesday night, but – in addition to Arabic, he also spoke Urdu, so he “would make it up to me” by putting both names on the plaques.  I’ll pick them up tomorrow.

One family at church is from India, and the mom said she would do them in Hindi for me. Another woman in the congregation – an Army brat – speaks Japanese, and she said she’d do them for me, and the lady who does my nails is from Thailand.

I think we’re good to go!