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29 Jan

Well, they say you are what you eat, and my favorite food is fruitcake. I know, I know, I’m probably the only person in America who really likes the stuff. Back when I was working full time, had a husband who was neither use nor ornament, and taking care of a house and two small children, with the metabolism of a racehorse,  I once ate an entire five pound fruitcake between shopping on Thursday night, and Monday evening.

I had it plain. I had it toasted with butter. I made dainty cream cheese sandwiches. I was in my glory.

My best friend and I have a dreadful time getting our birthday gifts to each other on a timely basis. Today, she gave me my birthday and Christmas gifts, determined to get them to me before my next birthday.  Mid-July, if that gives you an idea of how we work.

She and her husband had been to Ocean City, Maryland, one of the few places where the A & P is still alive and well, and there, just inside the door was a grand display of Jane Parker dark fruit cake. She bought what the budget would allow, but when she got to the checkout line, she discovered it was all half price, so bless her dear heart, she went back and got some more.

I am now the proud possessor of four boxes of my very, very, very favorite thing in all the world. What a wonderful birthday gift, and if it hadn’t been late, I wouldn’t have gotten it at all!

Thank you, Mrs. S!