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Singin’ the Blues

31 Jan

It was 3°F when we got up this morning, and this poor fellow was standing in our yard, greatblue4 all hunched up and looking as if he was freezing to death.  He  picked up first one foot and then the other, trying to tuck his poor toes under his feathers.  I told The Squire I felt as if I ought to go throw a blanket over him, or something.

He was poking around near the well, apparently looking for something to eat. This place is a swamp, but goodness!, are there fish out there in the grass? As a matter of fact, that wouldn’t surprise me one bit. We get seed and peanuts for the birds and the squirrels, corn for the deer, and cheap dogfood for the foxes and racoons. What do you provide for a Great Blue? And No, scattering Gold Fish Crackers®, as somebody suggested, probably won’t work.

And yes, I do believe we spend as much on animal food as we do groceries. Why do you ask?


All Creatures Great and Small

1 Dec

Blazer and I went out yesterday evening to feed the “back yard folks” – mostly raccoons, foxes and an occasional opossum.

First, we surprised a great blue heron down in the stream. These are the most ungainly of all God’s creatures. On a good day they look as if they’ll never get airborne, and when you catch them between the steep banks of a creek, it is even more unlikely that they will manage to reach any sort of altitude.  And I somehow doubt the dog barking his head off helped one bit. Much thrashing about and squawking. I swear that bird was cursing up on side and down the other.

And then we were startled – a mutual deal – by a small herd of deer bolting off in all directions.  They were grazing in the right-of-way behind the barn, and several of them went crashing into the woods while two high-tailed it down the bank and up the other side of the stream.

High-tailed. And that’s where that expression came from!

Blazer, poor bozo, didn’t know which way to dart. He was quite disappointed that none of his new friends were willing to come back and play, no matter how much he begged.

A Few Surprises

20 Nov

The Squire and I went to a meeting last night, and came home about 10 PM. As our headlights swung around the bend in the drive, we startled a great blue who was sleeping in the middle of our back yard. Hard to tell which of us was the most surprised, to tell the truth. The poor bird started to fly away, got tangled in the clothes line, fell back to the ground and stalked off into the dark with as much dignity as he could manage.

Blazer likes to chew on his dish. A rawhide bone apparently has nothing on the delicate taste of a well-seasoned plastic bowl. Consequently, the dish resembles a small green colander. This is absolutely something I must remember when I pour milk over his morning kibble.  As a result of this minor flood, I staggered over to our local metropolis to purchase a new, sturdier, bowl and pick up some wrapping paper, so I can get a running start on the Christmas gifts, and then to the grocery for a few items Aldi’s doesn’t carry.

In the store, I ran into my girlfriend Karen, who came here from a northern European country. I don’t know if they are as enamored with ATMs there as much as we are in America, but she simply has no use for them.  She had gone into the bank to deposit a check, and there was not a single teller at any of the windows, so she marched up to the manager and asked him (rather forcefully, if I know her as well as I think I do) to take care of this for her. He allowed as how he didn’t know how to handle a deposit, and she would have to use the machine in the lobby.

“You’re the manager here?”


“Well, suppose you tell me how you can be a supervisor when you don’t even know what it is your people do.

And she stomped out.

I hope there were a dozen other people in the building at the time. I really do!

Why I Never Get Anything Done

7 Aug

Great BlueWhen I opened the bedroom curtains today, this Great Blue was standing on the patio, apparently surveying the breakfast menu in the pond. He stayed put long enough for me to dash downstairs and grab the camera and get this shot. It is a bit fuzzy because I took it through both the window glass and the screen.

My computer sits right in front of the den window, so I can keep an eye on the various types of finches, butterflies, plain old birds, and hummingbirds which come to the feeders.

We have two hummingbird feeders, and by some sort of common consent, one is used almost exclusively by the honey bees and the other by the birds. Given the dearth of honey bees lately, seeing so many jostling around the feeder is really nice. The hummingbirds move so quickly it is hard to tell what they are – definitely not Ruby Throated, so either Rufous or Calliope. Both have green backs and lighter undersides, but beyond that I can’t tell you anything. But they are really tanking up. We also have chickadees, which is really unusual for this time of year. Some of the oak trees are already dropping acorns – not green ones, but big fat brown ones, fully ripe. This is not normal for the first week of August, folks.