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Mimi’s Little Helper

11 May

Local daughter was cleaning out the garage, and her granddaughter (our great-grand, in case you lost count) offered to “help”.

The garden hose was in use, and LD was going barefoot, but the Munchkin wanted boots. Then, because Mimi was wearing gloves, the Munchkin also had to have a pair.

Aubrey helpAnd here she is, all dressed up and ready to work!

Gran-Mama Got Run Over. . .

6 Feb

. . .by  shoplifter.

I swung into Aldi’s today to pick up a couple of things. As I entered, I noticed a man standing by his cart, which was facing the door. If you’ve ever been to an Aldi’s, this is not the normal traffic pattern, so it struck me odd, but I didn’t have time for it to even register with me.  He suddenly leaned over and shoved – jammed! – a bunch of stuff into a shopping bag, and barged right past me, onto the parking lot. He nearly knocked me down.

I didn’t have a chance to even notice anything else about him, before he was out the door and getting into his car.  I did report him to the manager, but that wasn’t much help.

BTW, Gran-mama is what our great-granddaughter calls me, with the emphasis on the last syllable. The Squire is Papa, again with stress on the last part of the word.  I have no idea where she got it, but we like it.

Spring Comes to Baltimore

19 Mar

Aubrey.Our great-granddaughter, also known as The Munchkin, enjoying a warm day at the park . I gave her that outfit as a baby shower gift. Most folks load the parents up with newborn items, but I always give 12 to 18 month clothing.

Inch Worm

16 Jan

Now that The Little One has mastered the difficult art of sitting up alone, she has moved on to crawling. Right now, we are still doing the “Inchworm” but her mom says at the rate she’s moving it won’t be long before she is really crawling.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChLgMxwNH4M    I tried to get the video in here, but it doesn’t want to go 😦

Eldest daughter is not moving the phone away from The Little One out of plain meanness. When she reaches the toy, she will fling it away from herself and then go inching off  to get it again. Cell phones do not generally take well to flinging – even on a carpet.