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20 Oct

Peanut plantWe have been purchasing raw peanuts to feed our squirrels from a local farm stand.  (Yes, I know there are plenty of acorns. Somebody has already pointed that out to me.)  The critters have been chowing down on the nuts all summer, but now that cooler weather has arrived they have begun burying them. Every place.

When The Squire and I were hanging up the clothes on Tuesday we discovered a garden of peanut plants all over the yard.  I doubt they’ll survive the winter, but if they do, we’ll end up selling peanuts instead of buying them.


23 Oct

The Squire gave me Hell’s Foundations Quiver at 7:30 last Thursday and I finished it at 2:00 this morning. I feel oddly bereft. David Weber is a marvellous writer and because the stories are so long, I really become involved in their lives.

I really wanted to get over to the library today, but The Squire had PT at 10:30 and then had to run up to the food pantry in Spesutia to drop off supplies. By the time we had dinner, it was time for my nap. The library closes at 5 on Fridays, but there’s always tomorrow.

I did get the laundry taken down, folded, and put away, the downstairs completely dusted, a clean cloth on the table (Let’s see how long that lasts!), and a decent dinner ready to eat when he came home, so the day was actually very productive. I really treasure these last days when it is warm and dry enough to get the clothes on the line. Sometimes, the night closes in and I have to take things down the next day, but they smell so sweet, and hanging and removing the laundry is sooo relaxing. Bend and stretch, and time to think deep thoughts, watch the birds and the squirrels, and just enjoy life. Good stuff.

Surprising what you can accomplish when you turn off the computer and put down your book.