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Eyes and Ears

14 Jan

I got new glasses in April of 2014, and they have never really been right, so yesterday I wandered off and had a new examination for contacts. This is an entirely new doctor, one I’ve never seen before, and she was quite thorough and very pleasant.

However, we were both in for some surprises.

She asked me if I currently wear contacts and I said Yes.

“Monthly, two weeks, or daily?”


I have been wearing contacts since 1976, and NOBODY ever told me I was supposed to replace them once a month. I did have an optician tell me I had worn mine for too long, because the rims were yellow, instead of clear, but he didn’t say anything about changing them any more often than my annual exam.  Nobody ever told me I had an astigmatism, either, although the glasses I got in April were ground to correct said astigmatism. Ya just never know about these things.

So, I now have clear temporary lenses, and I am to return in two weeks for regular ones, which I should dispose of once a month. They are weighted to correct the astigmatism, and it’s odd to put them in and see my vision sort of spin sideways as the heavy part of the lens settles to the bottom of my eye.

The three  pair of contacts I currently have are blue, green and brown, and I select them according to what clothing I have on. I am very, very light-skinned (once compared to a lightbulb in a wig) and at a luncheon date today a friend told me I looked paler than usual. “Even your eyes look washed out.”

After lunch, The Squire and I went to an ear specialist for this ENG thing to see if they can figure out why he has the ringing in his ears and the vertigo. My hearing is particularly acute, and I could hear him tell the technician I whisper all the time. “She thinks it’s unladylike to speak up.” Listen, bub, don’t make me use my teacher voice!

Anyway, they did all sorts of tests, both visual and audio, to try to induce the vertigo, which he said they did “mightily”, and determined there is nothing wrong with his inner ear.

The next stop is an MRI, presumably.

The test took an hour and a half, so I wandered over to Rite-Aid, looking for reading glasses. I had borrowed a pair of The Squire’s, and the heavy brown frames made me resemble Steve Allen. They wanted an average of $25 per pair! Tomorrow I will head over to the Dollar Store, thank you very much.


Now ‘Ear This!

8 Jan

Back in September, The Squire was knocking down a wall and swung the hammer too close to his ear, resulting in some sort of internal damage. He hears what he describes as a “metallic beep” with each word he speaks and every time his left foot hits the ground.

Enough to drive you nuts.

He did go to an audiologist, who pretty much performed the same tests they’d do for  hearing aids (yes, he should wear his more often) but found no other problems. Next up was a trip to an ENT. Many, many years ago I saw a program on television about a man who had a similar problem, which was caused by a tiny hole in one of the arch-shaped bones in his ear. The ENT told him this was so rare a condition as to be almost unheard of, which was, as a matter of fact, the point of the TV show. He suggested a course of steroids and antibiotics to clear up any possible infection and sent us on our way.

No joy. In fact, things are getting worse. The Squire is now totally deaf in his left ear, other than the infernal beeping, and is suffering from bouts of vertigo, which means we’re back to having nearly every trip be a two-person operation. At least he can roll over and not hear me snore, which is one advantage.

Yesterday, we went back to the ENT, and I told him we’d looked for horses, and now it was time to look for zebras. He almost agreed with me, and The Squire has an appointment for an ENG (a sort of nerve conduction study for the ears) on the 14th.

This is all very trying for both of us. The Squire has always told me I am very soft-spoken, which is about as accurate as my considering myself an introvert, and I loathe yelling at him. I know some sign language, but he resists that, which is frustrating. He has his choice, you know – wear the blasted hearing aids, learn ASL, or talk to the local undertaker, ‘coz I’m a-gonna kill him!