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Gonna Get Himself Killed

12 Apr

Blazer does not like to be tied out.

He used to runch himself out of his collar and go chasing up the hill. We bought him a harness – which he did NOT like. He snapped at The Squire in the process of putting it on, and we didn’t try it a second time. He didn’t connect, and I think he just wanted to make his point perfectly clear. Instead, The Squire put an extra hole in the collar, so it darned near strangles him, but at least he doesn’t back out of it anymore.

Today, I had some errands to run, so while my husband zipped around on the mower, I tied the dog outside to let the stink blow off, as my mum used to say.

When I came home, the dog was inside and The Squire was outside. I was informed that while he was mowing, The Squire caught a snapping turtle heading for the pond, and turned off the mower to deal with it. While he was turtle-wrangling, he heard tires squeal and horns blaring and looked up to see Blazer standing in the middle of the road!

The blasted dog had rolled around in the grass until he had gotten the lead unhooked and headed for the hills. Or, in this case, the street.

Houdini never had it so good.

A Cascade of Minor Frustrations

16 Sep

I have been working from home for about the last month, two days a week, for three hours, from 9 until noon. It’s really convenient – I don’t even have to put in my teeth – and the money comes in handy.  Today was rather frustrating, as the program kept crashing, and I had to reboot three or four times. Not sure if it’s the program, or this laptop, but it was maddening.

I had a pre-op visit today, and my GP had said he would administer the Shingles shot for me, but Medicare doesn’t cover it. I had to go to the drug store, fork over $200 of my hard-earned cash (see above) and take the vaccine to the doctor’s office. Fortunately, our secondary coverage will pay for it, but I have to mail in a form and wait for them to send the money back. I left here at 1:15, with the form in one hot little hand and an ice pack in the other, as the serum has to be kept frozen.

When I got to the doctor’s office, I discovered I’d left the pre-op papers home, and the form The Squire had printed was for reimbursement for medical expenses, not prescriptions. And what I had in my ice box was only the powder, not the “dilutant”, so we couldn’t do the shot anyway. My surgeon’s office had to fax over the paperwork (I, of all people, ought to know better than to pull such a stunt), so what with one thing and another, my blood pressure was 155 over something dreadful. Yesterday, when I went to the surgeon’s office, the nurse had to take it twice, because it was 116/98, and she didn’t believe it. Today, we tried the b/p again, just before I left the office and it was 120/72, which is more like it.

When I got into the car, I glanced at my paperwork and discovered one test had not been done. We’ll pick that up tomorrow when I go back for the injection.

And then, when I called the pharmacy, I was told all they needed was a few CCs of saline, so I’ll have to call back tomorrow morning and make sure that’s on hand, or I’ll have to go over and pick up some at the pharmacy. I don’t think they dispense it in that quantity, to be honest. Wonder what I’ll do with the rest of it?

Blazer managed to get off his rope for the second time in as many days, and I had to verbally drag him out of the neighbor’s yard. The fool hound has managed to remove two rabies tags and a license, all on S-hooks, without damaging his collar, plus working himself out of a regular clip and a carabineer clip.

Houdini never had it so good.