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Going Bananas

28 Mar

I had a banana with my lunch today, and opened it, as I always do, from the blossom end, which reminded me of my mom, who was a very strange person.

The senior center where she lived frequently served bananas for lunch, and one time she was having a particularly difficult time getting hers open, sawing away at it. She had mashed the fruit inside, but still hadn’t pierced the skin. I took it from her, squeezed the blossom end to get it started, and peeled it halfway down, and handed it back.

She gave me the oddest look, pulled the skin down the rest of the way, grasped the fruit, and turned it upside down, then shoved it back into the peel. She was going to eat that banana properly, by golly, and nothing was going to stand in her way!

It’s a wonder I’m not daft as a hatter.