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Ask and Ye Shall Receive

25 Sep

A couple of days ago I mentioned a gizmo one of the women in my knitting group was using to hold her yarn while she worked. The Squire asked me to draw him a sketch, because he wasn’t “seeing” what I described.

Yesterday afternoon, he locked himself in the workshop and came out later with this little gemyarnholder.  It’s two pieces of wood (maple, in this case), pegged together, and a dowel rod in the center of the flat piece. I wind the yarn onto the piece of PVC pipe, and slip the pipe over the spindle. The yarn unwinds as I work, and doesn’t go skittering all over the place.

As my sister used to say, I think I’m going to let him keep me.


The Plague and I

2 Apr

Since last Wednesday night I have been grappling with either the world’s worst cold or a case of strep. Probably the latter.

I called a friend from church on Wednesday evening and told her I wouldn’t be at knitting in the morning, and spent most of Thursday curled up in bed with hot tea and warm oatmeal.

The Squire kept me well supplied with books, tissues, and soft food. I’ve eaten a lot of scrambled eggs this week, I’ll tell you!  He even fixed me what passes for scrapple in our house, bless him. Oh, I am so lucky to be married to that man!

When you come down to it, I felt well enough to go to church this morning, but I can’t talk (oh! the horror!) and we’ll just draw a curtain over my attempts to sing. I had called a friend to serve as chalice bearer this morning, but he sent me an email at 10:05 saying he wouldn’t make it. (Seervices start at 10:00, so that was no help at all.)  If I’d known in time, I’d have shoveled myself into a heap and gone anyway. As long as somebody else read for me, we’d have managed.

I already have an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow, so while he checks my latest meds, I can have him take a look as my throat.


Happy Birthday!

22 Jul

I was supposed to spend most of today at the radiologist, but they called and rescheduled for Monday, so Blazer and I went over to join the knitting group at church this morning. When I tell him we are “going to see Miss Kathy” (the secretary) he gets all “talky”, which he only does for her, and nobody else.

He hops in the car, turns sideways so I can fasten the seatbelt around him, and when we arrive he bolts for the office, sitting in front of Kathy until he gets a treat, then grabs his stuffed bear off the shelf and comes out to join the rest of us. An Al-Anon meeting is scheduled at the same time, and he gets a pat on the head from each person as they come in. This morning he followed one lady across the room because she had walked by without patting him. He takes his Official Greeter duties quite seriously.

When it is time to go, he gets Bear and returns it to the office, dropping it at Kathy’s feet and getting one more treat. A very rotten, but very sweet puppy.

Back in June, The Squire received a very generous gift card to a local High Class restaurant, so we decided today would be a very good time to use it, to celebrate my umpty-dumpth birthday. We had invited our closest friends and my brother-in-law to join us, but only George was able to make it.  We had a very pleasant time, exchanging dreadful jokes, and enjoying wonderful – if insanely overpriced – food.

Dinner was filling enough,  and dessert would have been nice, but they wanted $9 for a dish of ice cream, and $8 for bread pudding, so we passed on that. Stopped at Yogi Palace on the way home for frozen yogurt and were just as happy as if we’d paid twice as much.

Off to feed the fish and the foxes, and then, as Samuel Pepys would say, so to bed.