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Me and Jimmy Jones

2 Jan

Yesterday,  The Squire set to cleaning out his workshop, as he has pretty much gone out of the computer repair and rebuilding business, and I took a swat at the sewing room. Found two pair of slacks I had set aside because the elastic was shot, and finally mended a bottom sheet that has been moved from ironing board to chair to floor, and back again. I had thought the worn spot was from my bottom always being in the same place, but it turned out, when I put the sheet on the bed, that the tear was from my feet. I lay flat on my back and never move, and obviously need to get a pedicure more often.

The Squire had just finished making up the wooden canopy frame, and while the curtains were down, I decided to give the bedroom a royal cleaning.  (Honestly, it’s “the day before the baby comes” around here!) I went after both the dresser and the tall chest with Old English, a stain stick, and a can of Pledge.  I also removed all of the brass handles from those two pieces, and cleaned them while I was at it.

An old Navy trick for polishing brass is to soak it in Grape Kool-Aid for about a half an hour.  An extra rub with soft steel wool to remove any excess gunk, and them I smoothed over every piece with a thin film of Alberto VO-5 to keep them from tarnishing again.

Whatever is in that Kool-Aid, I’m not drinking it anymore!