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It’s Not My Job!

26 Mar

A few weeks ago, the phone service at our church went down. After much to-ing and fro-ing, Verizon came out and laid a¬†temporary cable along the back of the church, to show the “digging company” where to bury the permanent line.

The permanent line was buried yesterday, but when The Squire asked about rolling up the temporary one and taking it away, he was told “that’s Verizon’s job. All we do is bury them.”

We have no idea when Verizon is coming back, but we are still talking on the above-ground line, as the buried one hasn’t been hooked up. Two wires, two screws, two minutes, two weeks. In the meantime, the kids in the neighborhood are playing jump rope with the wire.

Could be worse, I suppose. At least the snow we had last¬†night wasn’t deep enough to cover the loose wire, so – one fine day – Verizon will come along and collect it.