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21 Jun

When I got the blouse I’m wearing in yesterday’s photo I had purchased a pair of earrings to match. They¬† are a crescent moon, a bronze sort of colour, with a vague sort of embossing¬†and a row of turquoise beads dangling from the outer edge. The two points of the crescent are joined by short length of chain, and hang from an “S” hook. Anyway, when I got dressed for church yesterday, I couldn’t find them. How can you misplace a pair of earrings, for goodness sake?

The Squire and I spent a fair amount of time yesterday carefully removing and replacing every piece of jewelry from two jewelry boxes, with no luck.

So today after I went to the doctor I went to the mall and purchased another pair very similar to the original, which means the original pair will show up within the next week or so.