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30 Mar

When we were trying to decide what color to paint the walls in the guest room, I brought home two small jars of green paint, which we smeared on the wall in several places, to see how the light hit it in different areas.

Decision made, I went back to Lowe’s and got a of gallon Artichoke green paint. After we were finished painting, we found a number of spots we had missed, either where we hadn’t pressed hard enough with the roller (my biggest failing) or the blue tape had been too far down and there was a white line under the moulding. I got my trusty little foam craft brush, and rather than opening the big can, I used the sample jar to do all the touch-up work.

After it had all dried, we discovered that the sample was satin finish, while the paint in the can has a flat finish.

Even after two coats of flat paint, there are still places where the shiny paint shows through. I suppose we’ll have to keep dabbing at it. There’s only so much you can hide with clever arrangements of furniture, artificial trees, and art work.