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Organized Religion is Overrated

29 Dec

Or, welcome to Resurrection.

I got a call last night from our Senior Warden (comparable to the President of the congregation, I guess) that while our rector was on vacation this week, we did not have a supply priest. A case of “Did you do it? No, I thought you did.”  And so – one of us had to do Morning Prayer.

Well, the Senior Warden is also our piano player, so guess where that left me?  Long ago, one of our bishops told me I was what she referred to as the D.E.A.N. of the congregation: Doing Everything As Needed. I put on my alb, and soldiered forth.

Any layperson can lead Morning Prayer, and one of the best things about the Book of Common Prayer is that everything is all laid out for you. No guess work. I am currently the secretary for another parish, so I cranked up the computer and used their template to run up a bulletin for Ron to print off this morning. I also dug around in my pile of “stuff” and found one of my dad’s sermons that I was able to adapt to use this morning. It was a Christmas Eve service, so very little needed to be changed. I always enjoyed MP when we used it in the past, so it was a treat to be able to do this today.

I got a lot of nice comments – what else could they say? – but one person did shake my hand and tell me I did a very nice job – for a woman.



Singing In The Car

26 Jun

The Old Testament lesson this morning was the story of Elijah being taken up in a chariot of fire, and we sang Swing Low, Sweet Chariot as the Gradual hymn.

Which got me to remembering…

The car I drove when I was married to the Late and Unlamented had no radio (it also had no heater, reverse gear, or lock on the glove box, but that’s another story) so the girls and I sang while we drove along.  We sang everything from Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer, to Camptown Races, to There Was an Old Woman, All Skin and Bones. The girls even knew the words to the Canticle from Morning Prayer – Blessed art thou, O Lord God of our fathers. If you are old enough to remember when the Episcopal Church actually did  Morning Prayer,  you know it’s a lot to memorize, but we sang it three weeks out of four, and the girls apparently listened. And learned.

But mostly, we sang Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.