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Let’s Pretend We’re Moving – Again

31 Aug

Although The Squire and I are not particularly interested in moving to Charleston (sorry, Big Kid) we have finally admitted to ourselves that we really need to downsize. From time to time I tackle some project or other, to see what mysterious junk we have and eventually make the move easier.

Today I pulled everything out of one shelf of the linen closet. Lawsy! I corralled some stray medical stuff and put those items in the big plastic bin. Sticking plaster and saline wash stay out where we can grab them, but “serious” stuff all goes into the bin. Ace bandages, gauze, tape, scissors, etc. stay clean and together on the top shelf.  I tossed out a lot of creams and what have you.  The makeup – which I seldom ever wear – is on the next shelf down, but I will admit I have a ton of face firming goop.

If I ever got around to actually using any of it, I’d have the complexion of a golem.