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A “Turn” for the Worse

17 Apr

This morning, the Squire and I were waiting to make a left turn, watching for an opening in the traffic in the on-coming lane.

A box truck was second in line to come toward us, with a yellow car directly behind him. The first car came through the intersection, with the truck behind it. The yellow car suddenly pulled into the left turn lane;  we simply figured the driver had realized they were in the wrong lane. But No! The car pulled around the box truck – passing it on the wrong side! – and then zipped in front of it. The driver of the yellow car was heading straight toward us, and then squeezed between us and the truck, honking her horn madly, as if she though the truck was in the wrong!  She was close enough to our van we could count her freckles!

It is a wonder we weren’t involved in a horrible accident! If the car could have hit us head-on, which is what we were bracing for, or she would have side-swiped us, possibly pushing us into traffic in the right-hand lane. She could have caused the truck driver to swerve, throwing him into the ditch or the farmer’s field.

I don’t care where you were going, lady. Nothing is so important that you had to risk getting three vehicles involved in a major crash, possibly ending up seriously injured herself.