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I Don’t Know What Came Over Me

20 Jan

One of those Whatever Are They Thinking  articles in a 1950s women’s magazines suggested cleaning out one or two kitchen cabinets a week, in addition to wiping down the fronts, etc. Actually, it sounded pretty reasonable. We are playing “Let’s Pretend We’re Moving” with a bit more vigor lately, so I decided to hit the three-door cabinet over the mixing counter.

Well, now.

I pulled everything off one shelf at a time, wiped off, tossed out, consolidated, and wondered “Where on earth did that come from?” more than once. I swear, a fair amount of the stuff in the cabinet had belonged to either my mum or my grandmother! I discovered three – three! – half jars of oregano, several different types of ginger, and two jars of fennel seeds. Weird stuff. AllRecipes.com doesn’t have a single suggestion for cracked ginger, and only one recipe for the crystalized stuff. Fennel tea is supposed to be good for an upset stomach; I can only figure there had been an epidemic at some time. Two bottles of rose water – the unopened one will go to a Indian lady at church, and I’ll keep the other.  Three bags of chocolate chips – two opened and one not. They filled a quart container.

I went to the Dollar Tree and got two different sizes of plastic baskets; the long narrow kind to corral all of my extracts, and the larger ones to get all of my “sprinkles” in one place. I think my next job will be to clean out the cabinet where I store all of my cake decorating supplies, and see what’s still fit to use.

Two trips to the compost heap, a second trash bag, and the recycling bin is overflowing, but oh, my it looks nice in there.