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The End of the Week

4 Nov

After a rough start on Monday, the rest of the week went much more smoothly.

The place where I am working is one of the best in the world. Management does everything possible to provide a pleasant atmosphere, and it shows in the people in the office.  I’ve never met anybody who was unhappy or snarly, and that has certainly not been the case in many other places I have worked.

I left early enough on Tuesday to take a chance on going over Phoenix Road, which cuts a mile off the trip, and is at least five minutes faster.  I used that route the rest of the week. There is very little traffic, and only one light at either end of a single lane bridge, to prevent accidents. The road curves through pastures and runs beside a tiny hamlet which I’m willing to bet was the original town of Phoenix. A cluster of turn-of-the-century houses, painted in many colours, perched higgledy-piggledy on the side of hill. It just lights up my day to see them!

The Squire had dinner ready for me Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Both last night and this evening we went out for dinner. Last night was a bit less than a success; we went to Ruby Tuesday, as we had a coupon. His steak was overcooked and I think my pasta dish had been made up and left under a heat lamp for a bit too long, as it was very dry. Tonight, we went to a local eatery, The Sunshine Grille, and had a fabulous meal for about two-thirds the price. I’d rather patronize local businesses, any way.

When I called home to say I was leaving work, The Squire murmured that he’d “love to meet me for dinner”.  After forty-some years, he’s still my knight in shining armor. Or amour. Whichever.