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Welcome to the 1700s

22 Oct

We had a Colonial Fair at Resurrection yesterday,  and both The Squire and I are still dead on our feet.  We had these Fairs for five years, ending about thirty years ago, when they sort of collapsed under their own weight.  With all of the history we have in our own back yard, we decided to give it another try, with more emphasis on the history of Joppa and Copley Parish.

We had a few vendors – we’d have liked to have had more – plus a group of Piscataway Indians, and some Revolutionary era suttlers/reenactors. I found myself volunteered – not that I minded – to give tours of the church grounds, stopping at Low Street, the Court House, High Street, and the foundation of the 1724 church.  The Squire picked up the group in the narthex, pointing out some of the artifacts discovered on the property, and then shepherding folks into the church itself for a slide presentation of the plans Panitz had to developing the  “new” Joppatowne.  I did three circuits, which took 45 minutes each.

When I got home last night my feet were killing me, and today I can’t get my shoes back on.

We both took cameras, but neither of us managed to get any pictures, and I’m not sure anybody else did, either.  The best I could do was this shot, which is from 1976.  The Squire is on the far left, and I am in the middle of the back row.  None of us can get into these costumes today!