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Scare Me to Death, OK?

17 Feb

We live about ten miles from Edgewood Arsenal and Aberdeen Proving Ground. This morning, about 30 helicopters, including several Blackhawks, flew over the house in groups of six or seven. Given the state of things today, this was very disconcerting, to say the least.

As many of you know, two police officers were shot to death in Harford County on February 10th. (These were the first shooting deaths in the line of duty in the Harford County Sheriff’s department since 1899. There were only two other line-of-duty deaths in that period; one officer was killed in a car chase, and another died at his desk of a heart attack.) Today was the funeral for the first of the two officers (oddly enough, they both attended the same church.) and what we saw was the helicopter escort, circling the area, waiting for the service to end.

And there were only seven of them – two from the County, two from the State, two military and one newscaster. We just kept seeing them over and over.

The┬ásecond funeral is Friday, so we’ll know what to expect this time.