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Aubrey Nicol

8 Jul


Aubrey Nicol, all 7 pounds, 9 ounces of her, put in her appearance at 3:55 on July 7, 2014.Aubrey 6

I wouldn’t go so far as to say her mom and dad are proud of her, but she is a beautiful, quiet, and sweet tempered baby. I claim she got that full head of black hair from The Squire’s side of the family, but her dad says “It’s all Italian.”

Could be.

Every night during Amanda’s pregnancy, Steve would lay his head on her tummy and talk and sing lullabies to the baby. Having heard his  voice from the very beginning, she instinctively turns her head toward him now when he is talking.

She is very good about picking up her head and looking around, although she hasn’t quite gotten the “laying it back down” part sorted out.  Plonk!

Way back when, I made up name plaques for each of the grandchildren, so of course Aubrey had to have one, too.  Across the top is Russian, Hindi, Urdu, then Aramaic, English, Cherokee, and Arabic, Hebrew and Greek on the bottom.

Welcome to the big world, little girl!

Aubrey 2