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I Am So Tired of Rain

21 Dec

Noah calledIt has rained.  And rained. And rained some more.

84 Lumber is having a sale on gopher wood. The lower part of the lawn has always been a soggy morass, but now even the upper slope is muddy.

The only saving grace is that it is warm. Today had been pushing 60 º F (15-C) and the rest of the week looks to be the same. Heaven help us if this precipitation had been snow!

The Bane of My Existence

25 Sep

Ants!  I hate ants! I feel about ants the way The Squire feels about spiders!

Every time it rains, we get ants in our bathroom. Not just one or two, but great hoards of them, to the point that it looks as if somebody spilled coffee grounds on the counter.  We had a cold snap this week (When it’s been in the upper 80s and low 90s, 62 is a cold snap.) and it’s raining to boot, so they are everywhere. One the counter, in the sink, on the floor, on the toilet seat, for the love of Mike!

These are supposed to be wild critters, at home in the woods and wilderness. There’s no  place to get dry and warm in the wild.  Just be brave out there and buck up. But noooo!

We obviously have the wimpiest ants in the state.


And Now, We All Have a New King

9 Nov

Or so said Edward VIII.  And, today is also the anniversary of Krystal Nacht, which somehow just seems wildly appropriate.

And it is raining, to boot.

So – The Squire is settled in the recliner, reading the latest David Weber Safehold book, and I took advantage of the damp weather and his journey to outer space to pull the wallpaper off the dollhouse, and rebuild the drawers. All three drawers had come unglued, and one of them was missing a side and the back, so I dug out a piece of basswood and cut those. Much clamping and stacking of books.


These pictures look as if they were taken in a haunted house!  There was a Monet over the fireplace; no idea where that went. Probably “classing up” some mouse’s nest, I imagine. The paper came off the bedroom walls in one large piece, but the moulding stayed put. This is rather mysterious, as the moulding was glued to the paper. Beats me.

Gopher Wood!

14 Jul
If you follow my blog, you know it’s been raining here, just about non-stop. Last night (earlier this morning, actually) I was vaguely aware that it was raining, but not enough to really get through to me. About 4 AM we were awakened by a tremendous clap of thunder. The Voice of God, as it happened.  Practically lifted us out of bed. Going on the old premise of “I’m awake; I might as well go pee”, I staggered downstairs. The toilet was making gurgling noises, which is generally my job, and the water level was rising a bit with each gurgle. Cute.
I flipped on the light over the backyard, and the water was crossing the patio.
I ran upstairs, woke The Squire and told him we were flooding, found a dress to throw on, and went out to move the cars to the top of the hill. By the time he got downstairs, I was outside, barefoot, had already gotten one vehicle out of harm’s way, and working on the second. He got the trash cans and other “floatables” up on the picnic table, and then we just watched and prayed. Fortunately, this new kitchen door and storm door are much tighter than the old one, so while we had a small trickle in the kitchen, it wasn’t anything like what we had five or six years ago. There was water under the bathroom floor, which will probably smell divine for the next week, but we’ll manage.
Somehow, in the middle of all this, I thought to call and cancel a doctor’s appointment I had for 11:00 today. The Squire is piling scatter rugs against doors, and I’m on the phone! I did call them at 10:30 this morning to see if they had gotten the message I’d left on the machine – they had not – but the receptionist said they would not charge me for missing today and rescheduled for next week.
As quickly as it came up, the water went back down. The Squire went back to bed, but I stayed up a bit to see if we were going to have any more trouble. So far, so good. I stumbled into bed at 5:30 and crawled out at 9:30. Still not fully functional, but I seldom am.
Right after the last bad storm, The Squire called Department of Natural Resources, and two people came out to look over the property. We gave them a video he had made, and some pictures showing how much land we’ve lost, and they said they would be back. The fellow remarked that a stream this small shouldn’t get this bad this fast, but it obviously does – and worse each time. They (a man and a woman) are supposed to come back and walk upstream to see how far it goes and what other branches flow into it. The Squire could never do that and I wouldn’t tackle it alone. He called when the offices opened this morning to report this damage, and ask about sand bags.  Each successive storm is worse than the last.
And it’s supposed to rain again tonight and tomorrow.
We just can’t keep going this way.