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The Mud, The Blood, and The Beer

25 Jan

Maybe the president isn’t sure of climate change but folks Maryland certain are.  We had a week or so of winter around the first of the year, but it has been in the 40s and 50s ever since. Today it was up to 56-f.

Instead of snow, we’ve had rain. And rain. And more rain. We had four straight days of it, beginning on Friday. Early Monday morning the wind began to blow, and we have a fair amount of limbs down all over the yard. Blazer always goes out to get the mail and the paper around 1:30, so I walked out to the box  on Monday in the rain and the wind. We got about fifty feet or so from the house, and Blazer decided he’d had enough, thank you very much. I dragged him on out, anyway. When we got to the end of the drive I dropped the leash, and I don’t believe his feet ever touched the ground getting back to the house! He poked his head around the corner of the building with a “what’s taking you so long” expression on his fuzzy face.

Today was warm and mild, so I played pick-up-sticks while The Squire was at the Y, and slogged out through the mud to feed the foxes. When he got home, we hung out the wash. That was more an exercise in optimism than anything else,  but the clothes will all be dry tomorrow, and they smell so good when we take them down.



4 Jul


This has been a most dismal day. It is July 4th, supposedly the Biggest Day of the Summer, but it reached a high of 75F, and has been windy and rainy all day long. Certainly not conducive to fits of patriotism.

Or anything else.

I made a few half-hearted stabs at sorting photos, but other than reading a book and doing some ironing, I didn’t accomplish a bloody thing.

It’s been that sort of day.

How to Spend a Rainy Afternoon

4 Apr

When we were clearing the decks, so to speak, before we did all the work upstairs, one thing we had to do was remove my sewing cabinet from the wall. Are you old enough to remember Fibber McGee’s Closet? Well, let me tell you – I ended up filling a “Xerox Box” with the contents of that cabinet. Buttons, spools of thread, packets of pins, bobbins, and Heaven only knows what all else came out of that thing.

It’s been rainy all day today, so the dog and I sat on the guest bed box spring and sorted stuff. Most of my thread had dry rotted on the spools. I mean, who else do you know who still has wooden spools in her sewing cabinet? I pulled off a few feet of thread, and if I could snap it between the thumb and forefinger of both hands, it went into the trash.  I now own a dozen empty bobbins and six spools of thread. And a trash can full of what I am sure my mum would consider perfectly good thread.

I found a packet of needles sold by Food Fair, a grocery chain that went out of business


old stuff – sideways, for some odd reason

about 1965 or so. I unearthed a half-dozen hat pins; not dinky little corsage pins, but gen-you-ine five inch hat pins. They must have belonged to my great-grandmother. Elastic that has lost its spring, a sewing kit from a moving company that went under before I graduated from high school; it is so old it has little cardboard sticks with glue on them that you moistened and applied to a runner in your stockings. A set of sew-on replacement pockets for men’s trousers – priced 80 cents. A pair of shoulder straps for a lady’s slip, probably from before WWII, judging from the picture. And, oddly enough, three tiny, tiny crochet hooks. I neither knit nor crochet, and these seem small enough to make sweaters for the fairies. I can’t imagine actually using them for anything larger.

Dear Heaven, where does this stuff come from?

Anyway, my sewing cabinet is now all neat and tidy, and I am sure it will stay that way for, oh, at least the first of May.