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The Princess and the Pea, Part 2

6 Nov

Back in the spring, I broke out in a rash which covered large portions of my legs and torso, as well as my hands and lower arms. Just great rolling welts, which itched and hurt like the bloody devil. Neither our GP or the dermatologist knew what caused it, although they gave me a broad-spectrum cream which did help with the itching.

But not much.

Monday was the first day I’ve been back to the Y since I had my hand surgery in September, and I woke up Tuesday morning covered with the rash again. It had disappeared so gradually, and I was so involved with my hand, that I hadn’t really noticed that it was gone, but boy! did I know it was back.

Apparently, I am allergic to something in the swimming pool. I don’t know if they are using extra chlorine because everybody is on this big “germ” kick, or if it’s something that’s only used in commercial pools, but it is brutal, whatever it is.

Tuesday night, after I’d dug myself bloody, I went down and soaked in a bathtub full of baking soda and oatmeal (the fish downstream should eat well) for about an hour, had a glass of wine, and went back to up bed at 2 AM. Yesterday morning I went over to the druggist and he gave me a hydrocortisone ointment which is working wonders.

Who’d┬áhave thought…

The Princess and the Pea

14 Oct

On a whim, I purchased a super-deluxe ladies razor, with “ribbons” of shaving cream and body lotion built into the head. Some swell, as they say.

Well, I don’t know what was in that stuff, but my legs broke out in a rash from my ankles to my knees. I had to take a second shower, and rub some prescription anti-rash stuff all over, and I still scratched so badly I drew blood.