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The Trashman Cometh

25 May

The crew that collects our recycling seems to have it in for us.  They never put the bin back next to the mailbox, or even on the lawn. Their favorite trick is to drop it into the ditch. Said ditch is so deep that we cannot see the bin from the house, and must get down on our knees to pull it out. First of all, we are little too old to be crawling around in the grass – not to mention I’m usually stuck down there until The Squire comes to rescue me, or I creep over to the mailbox to haul myself up. And second, ditches – and wheelie bins – are often full of dirty water.

If they don’t drop into our ditch, they toss it into the neighbour’s ditch.  This takes some doing, as their ditch starts on the other side of the drive – about eight feet behind this shot, and  then past their mailbox. The neighbour never puts out trash or recycling, but drops it off at the dump himself. Don’t ask me why. The first time this happened it took us two days to find the fool thing.

Another trick is the leave the bin in the road, where it gets hit by passing traffic, and destroyed. We are on our third bin.

After bemoaning this to a friend, and she offered a suggestion.

I am no longer allowed to take out the recycling.

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