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22 Jan

Our friend Mac called late Friday to say he and his wife had two extra tickets to a dinner theatre for Saturday evening, and would we like to go along?


We had a marvelous time. The show was very well done and the food was excellent. They even had enough for the Resident Vegetarian to eat. The actor who played Joe had a voice that would have given Paul Robeson a run for his money.

There was also a group of young people from St. Steven’s Episcopal church, who sang an á Capella song – a Christmas spiritual about Mary having a baby “in a weary world”. They were outstanding!

We got home at 11:45, and The Squire went straight to bed. I took my medicine and followed him upstairs but the Restless Leg Syndrome kicked in way before the anticonvulsant, so I had to get up and play computer games until 1:30.

Eight o’clock came awfully early this morning.