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Not So Snappy

15 Jan

As members of Medicare, The Squire and I are also members of Silvers Sneakers, a physical fitness program for over 65-ers.  Not every place accepts this program, but there is one not too far from us, considerably closer than the Y.

We went up today to inspect the place.  It was simply filthy, for starters. It was not much larger than our living room and dining room combined, and crammed with machines. All we seemed to see were treadmills, stationary bikes and stair-steppers. If they had anything to work on your arms or upper body, we didn’t see them.  The crowd was a rough one – all tats and greasy hair. And the less said about the “music” the better.  And, not a trainer or employee in evidence.

This is an outfit that is supposed to cater to old fogies they are setting about it all wrong. If something goes wrong, you’re on your own, folks.

The Squire called the Silver Sneakers hotline and expressed exactly how he felt, thank you very much!