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It’s A Girl!

3 Feb

A very, very busy girl.

Eldest granddaughter, the June Bride, is pregnant and due in July.  She insists this baby is going to be born on the 4th, and knowing how determined she is, I’m quite sure that will be the case, no matter what the doctor has in mind.

She, her husband, and Eldest daughter went in to have a sonogram done. (A group portrait, if ever there was one.) The baby was scooting all over the place, playing peek-a-boo with the umbilical cord, turning around backwards, and generally having a merry time. The doctor joked that he probably didn’t need to worry too much about getting a heartbeat, but “we are gathered here today” to find out if this little rascal is a boy or a girl. He actually had to put his hand on Mom’s womb and push down to corner the dear child, and …

Yes! It is a girl.

We already have three great-grandsons, so a girl will be a nice balance.

And good luck keeping riding herd on that kid, if her prenatal antics are any indication of her personality.