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No Words

27 Jan

Back in September, 2016, The Squire put a piece of PVC pipe in the linen closet to hang up all of the spray bottles.  During dinner yesterday he spilled gravy on a white polo shirt, and asked me what to use to keep it from getting stained.

I told him we had several types of laundry pre-wash,  and made a “squeezing” motion with my hand. He trotted into the bathroom with the shirt, and when he returned he remarked, “It’s a good thing we understand each other.”

Sometimes, when you’ve been married as long as we have, there are no words necessary.

The Squire Hangs It Up

7 Sep

After many years of knocking over spray bottles, or picking up the wrong one repeatedly, The Squire finally got fed up. He got a length of PVC pipe and attached it to the opposite bottom shelves in the bathroom closet, and this is what he did.

Everything is up off the floor, and I have labeled them so we can grab the correct bottle.

Clever man!