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Here We Go Again

28 Oct

Last night, The Squire came in to say – and show me – that his tummy was all red and swollen, worse than it’s been so far. “I’m going to call the doctor first thing in the morning.”

He had a very rough night last night, and when he staggered, bleary-eyed and wretched, into the den, I made soothing noises and went off to fix his breakfast. Normally, this chore is handled by him, not me, but I really felt sorry for him.

At 9:05 I handed him the phone. He laid it back on the desk and informed me he wasn’t going to bother. “It looks better this morning, so I’ll just wait.”

“Fine. You just do that. But do not wake me at some ungodly hour and ask me to race you to the ER.”

I swear, with the right jury…