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Any Port in a Storm

23 Jul

We had a real log-lifter of a thunder storm last night, and both the dog and the cat were upset about the noise.

Right before The Squire took this picture, Blazer had his head resting on Eddie’s back.  When you are in danger, nothing is as comforting as an old friend.


Suddenly Summer

31 Aug

After an entire summer of lovely days and cool nights, now that it is practically September Mother Nature has decided we really, really needed to have some hot weather.

At 5:30 it is 89-F, with such high humidity that it feels as if it’s over 100 degrees.  It was sunny this morning, so when we got home from church The Squire and I went ahead and hung out the laundry. It was so hot and muggy we were both dizzy from the heat by time we finished.  A quick, cool lunch – no Sunday dinner today – and a nap was the next order of business.

It is supposed to start raining soon, so we went out and got everything but the rugs off the line. They are as wet as they were when we hung them out, and I have no place indoors to put them. (Next house will have a basement – and no fluorescent lights.) Tomorrow is supposed to be a duplicate of today, so maybe they’ll dry in the morning, or The Squire will have the dryer fixed.

Or they will stay outside until the end of the week.