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Pushing the Envelope

19 Nov

Back in January, Blazer decided he has enough seniority around here to take over the recliner in the living room. Neither The Squire nor I were exactly delighted with this arrangement, but the chair keeps him off the draughty floor in the winter and close to the a/c in the summer. I got a cover for the chair, which is some help, although the dog much prefers it rumpled into a ball, rather than spread over the back and sides to protect the upholstery.

For as long as we have had him, Blazer has slept outside the bedroom door until I get out of bed, even when I take my afternoon nap. This morning, The Squire glanced up the stairs to see if there was any sign of my floating to the surface, and realized the dog wasn’t in the hallway. When he came up to investigate, he discovered that Blazer has decided to wait for me in the arm chair in the TV room, rather¬†than sleep on the floor!

This did not sit well with The Squire.

Mind you, this is a dog who refuses to eat in the kitchen, and waits until we have said grace before he eats his own meals, but I think he’s about reached the limit.

No matter how hard you push the envelope, it’s still stationary.