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Oh, Look!

23 Nov

There are days when I really need a keeper.

This morning I was getting geared up for my Thanksgiving baking, as well as seeing what I needed for Christmas. After poking around in the freezer a bit, I closed the door behind me. I turned around to get something I’d forgotten, and discovered the door slowly swinging open.


I closed it several times, and the door continued to open every time I shut it. I didn’t have time to play this game all day, so I got the kitchen stool and pushed that up against the door. Then I went looking for a piece of B&O rail my grandfather had brought home one time. It is ten inches long and weighs about as much as the average second grader. (Seriously, fifty pounds if it’s an ounce.) If you want something held closed – or open – that baby is what you need.

When The Squire came downstairs I told him my tale of woe, and he took a look. We checked to see that the freezer is still level – it is – and wondered aloud if the magnetic gasket had lost its magnetism. The freezer is from Wards, and I had it when The Squire and I got married. We’ve been through at least three refrigerators, but the freezer still plugs along. (I guess I really shouldn’t say that out loud, should I?)

Anyway, after much measuring and sighing, The Squire shut the door and noticed it “hitched up” when it was about half closed. He looked at the top hinge and didn’t see anything, and then he looked at the bottom hinge.

The plastic handle to my feather duster had fallen into the opening between the door and the body of the freezer, preventing the door from sealing properly.


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