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What’s Bugging Me?

26 Sep

I woke up this morning with my face all red and swollen, my eyelids so puffy I could feel my lashes pressing against them when I opened my eyes.  I thought maybe I’d had a bug-bite during the night. We’d done the laundry Tuesday, but we’d used the same detergent forever, and we’d hung the clothing on the line, so I didn’t think it was some kind of chemical reaction.  We’d washed the quilt, and it was still damp, so I’d pulled a blanket out of the closet; is there something in that?

Eldest daughter called this afternoon and happened to mention having to find a new sunscreen because she’s allergic to almost all of the commercial ones. And suddenly a light went on!  “Did you give me some sunscreen? Factor 15, or so?  I think it was – and I named a popular brand. ”

“Yeah. I can only use zinc. Most of the store brands have chemicals.”

“Well, guess what, kiddo. Your mum is probably allergic to it, too. I went to bed without washing my face, and woke up resembling a Cabbage Patch doll.” So that solved that problem. I’ll try again, and this time, I’ll be sure to wash my face before I go to bed!