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18 Nov

I went to the dermatologist on Thursday morning to see about a persistent sore on the corner of my mouth. No biggie, he told me. It is essentially a bit of chapped lips. When you curl up on your side to sleep, you drool a bit. Everybody does, and sometimes it causes this sort of thing. He prescribed an ointment which would both clear up the sore and form a barrier between the skin and the moisture.

I went over to the drugstore on Friday morning and was told they had to order the cream, as they didn’t have that size in stock. Hmm.

Went I went back yesterday afternoon, the clerk handed me a bag which seemed a bit heavy. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I’ve posed the jar beside a two cup measure so you can see how large this baby actually is. A bloody pound of the stuff! I’m seventy-six years old! I won’t live long enough to use all of it!

What was the doctor thinking? No wonder the girl said they didn’t have this size on the shelf!  It would have cost me the same price for a small tube as it did for this washtub, but the wastefulness of it just blows me away.