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Never Get Sick on a Weekend

14 Mar

Friday night (was it only last night?) The Squire began complaining of severe stomach pains and burping almost immediately after dinner. This went on for a while, so he took some Tums and said he would sleep in the guest room, in case what he had was some sort of flu.  I take an anticonvulsant for my Restless Leg Syndrome, and it just plain knocks me out; I left the door open, so if he called out in the night, I would hear him.  About 11:00, he woke me up, banging on the bathroom wall.

I raced downstairs to find him standing over a toilet bowl full of blood.

While he pulled on some sweatpants I grabbed the clothes I had just taken off, and we left for the hospital. I hadn’t taken time to find my glasses, I was for all intents and purposes, on dope, and it was rainy and foggy.  God really does take care of drunks and fools. We got to the emergency room around 11:30 and I hung around until around half-past 2:00; the nurse told me he’d be several more hours and they would call me. It was 2:44 when I got into my car and the clock was just striking 3:00 when I came in the door. I think I was in bed by 3:05.

So – The Squire was admitted this morning, and they still don’t know what’s wrong with him. They have ruled out pyloric stenosis (rare in adults, but not unheard of), gall bladder, and a bowel blockage. The blood was because he had vomited so much he’d given himself a nose bleed.  Fr. Matthew stopped by, and I took down some things I thought he might want or need – a book of crossword puzzles, fresh pencils and erasers, his glasses. He said Blazer was quite concerned last night, whining and putting his paw on his leg, with long, serious looks into his face. “Anything I can do for you, boss?”

The staff at Franklin Square has just been wonderful. Can’t do enough for you, bringing me coffee, and asking if I wanted a meal from the cafeteria. All of the rooms are private, because of the Patient Privacy Act (Thank you, President Obama!) and visiting hours are 24/7. There is a recliner and a pull out couch in every room, and no charge if you want to stay the night.

Anyway, we hope to get a diagnosis tomorrow, and then we shall see if this little jaunt is going to involve surgery, or just lots of fluids and bed rest.