Win Some, Lose Some

4 Apr

Like everybody else who puts out seed, we have a terrible time with the squirrels getting into our bird feeders.  They even used to consider our original baffle as a sort of al fresco dining area.

Well, today I spied a conical baffle that is simply impossible to outwit. (Ha! We’ll see how that goes.)

OK, so now the little buggers can’t get into the feeder, the seed should last a lot longer, right?  I went inside to answer the phone, and when I came out, they had already chewed a hole in the bag. I hadn’t even had a chance to pour the seed into the can! Said can, by the way, is topped with a foot long piece of rail road track, ‘coz if I’m not fighting off squirrels, I’m doing battle with the raccoons.

The worst of it is, the squirrels have their very own feeder, with corn and peanuts, and put where they can reach it. Apparently, they feel it isn’t worth having if you don’t work for it.

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