New Dollhouse

16 Apr

Well, not exactly new. I just decided I needed something to take my mind off things at church, and this is it.

Two years ago, I sent my Tennessee granddaughter, who was then seven, a kit for the Bombay dollhouse and a $100 gift certificate for a mail order miniature store. Her birthday is in late November, and this was a combined birthday and Christmas gift. The Bombay kit is front opening, so it takes up very little space, and goes together in under a half an hour. The gift certificate would have gone a long way towards wallpaper and furnishings.

When we went down to visit last summer, my daughter gave me the unopened box, telling me the gift was “not appropriate”. Since I had sent her brother a Christmas gift, I can only imagine how my granddaughter must have felt.

Wednesday evening, I opened the box, got my screwdriver, and had the thing nearly completed in about twenty minutes. I do want to dis-assemble it and paint the entire inside white before I install wallpaper, but that is no problem. So, the next couple of weeks, once my order comes from the mail order company, we shall see how this all goes.

And when we return to Tennessee, the house will go with us, with a plaque on the back – To you, from me: Christmas 2012.

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