My Indian Name is “Splashing Paint”

16 Apr

  The Squire and I completely disassembled the house (no problem – eight screws and we were done) and I took it out onto the patio to paint all of the inside surfaces white.

True to form, I managed to get paint all over myself and the concrete, in spite of having spread newspapers everywhere.

Reassembled on the dining room table, and I just set the upper floor in place with two screws (you can see one sticking out above the kitchen wall paper) to mark the floor level. I try to get as much as possible of the ground floor completed before I start on the next level.

One sheet of paper propped up in the kitchen. Need to give that some consideration. That white thing in the kitchen is the open door. I found a lovely bed in my “stash” – completely forgot about it; I don’t remember ever having seen it before! – and that will go in the bedroom.  It looks as if there will be space for the armoir – or even a nice double closet – between the stairwell and the outside wall.

Placed a large order for kitchen appliances, window framing, etc. Should be able to really do to town within the next week or so.

She says bravely.

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